We Install French Drains Designed Functionally Enhance Your Home and Set the Foundation for Your Outdoor Living Space

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You have grand landscaping plans – lush gardens, a picturesque lawn, and a tranquil outdoor oasis. You envision family gatherings, garden parties, and basking in the serenity of your own outdoor haven.

But here’s the harsh reality: poor drainage can turn this dream into a nightmare. Your beautiful landscape can quickly become a waterlogged mess, leaving you frustrated and unable to enjoy your property to its full potential.

Stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, not to mention the risk of mold and mildew in damp conditions.

Poor drainage can seep into your home’s foundation, causing structural issues, damp basements, and expensive repairs.

If soggy lawns, standing water, or basement flooding giving you a headache, then it’s time to reclaim your property with one of the easiest drainage solutions- a French Drain Installation.


A dry, healthy lawn and landscape are not only more attractive but also increase your property’s curb appeal and resale value.

A French Drain is a subsurface drainage system designed to redirect excess water away from your property’s trouble spots.

French Drains prevent water from compromising your home’s foundation, saving you from costly structural repairs. Eliminate stagnant water, reduce pests, and maintain a healthy, dry environment for your family.

Don’t let water woes drag down your property’s potential. Contact Stepping Stones Lawns and Landscaping today to schedule a consultation.

We’ll assess your specific needs, explain our customized solution, and provide a quote tailored to your budget.

Let us help you transform your property into a drier, more valuable, and worry-free haven.

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The Right FRENCH DRAIN for Your Home

When it comes to your french drain, there are a few different routes you can take. Each option brings its own flair and functionality, allowing you to customize the perfect fit for your landscape.

Small French Drain

$ 1k-2k
Less than 100 sq.ft.
Ideal for Small Yard Drainage Issues
Efficient Stormwater Control
1 Year Warranty/Guarantee

Average French Drain

$ 2.k-5k
100-200 sq.ft.
Best Value
Efficient Drainage System:
Best for Average Drainage Issue
1 Year Warranty/Guarantee
Best Value

Multi French Drain System

$ 5k-10k
For Extensive Drain Issues
Use of Dry Wells for Collection
Over 200 sq.ft.
1 Year Warranty/Guarantee
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Solid Base:

We install 12"-18" of drainage gravel to
allow water to flow freely through your
french drain.
Suitable Depth:
We install our french drains at a suitable
depth to optimize the drainage
capabilities. 12"-18" is sufficient to
solve drainage problems in most yards.
Perforated Corrugated Pipe:

We use perforated to pipe to allow water to
enter the system and we will often
install a sock pipe to further prevent
any fine particles from entering the system.
Non-Woven Filter Fabric:

The filter fabric we install allows water to
quickly enter your system without
allowing dirt particles to migrate and
clog your drain over time.


Why Choose Our Team to Build Your French Drain?

Our mission at Stepping Stones Lawns and Landscaping is to create outdoor spaces that go beyond aesthetics – spaces that foster connections, inspire laughter, and preserve cherished memories. With our expertly designed french drains, we sculpt environments that transform your backyard into a canvas for experiences that matter.

From laid-back picnics with the kids to sophisticated soirees under the stars, every stone we lay is an investment in the stories you’ll share and the smiles you’ll remember.

Ready to reimagine your outdoor entertainment possibilities? Contact us today to embark on a journey towards creating a paver patio that encapsulates the spirit of togetherness, relaxation, and lasting joy.

Let’s collaborate to design a space where celebrations thrive, and tranquility reigns – all in the comfort of your very own backyard.

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Signs that you may need a French drain include water pooling in your yard, basement, or crawl space, as well as issues with excess moisture and erosion.

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock that redirects water away from an area. It works by allowing water to flow through the gravel and into a perforated pipe, which carries it away from the problem area.

Yes, combining a French drain with other drainage solutions like swales or dry wells can enhance overall water management on your property.

Yes, French drains are designed to handle significant water volumes, making them suitable for managing heavy rainfall and stormwater.

French drains can be part of a solution for managing runoff from adjacent properties, but it’s essential to address the issue in cooperation with neighbors and local authorities.

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